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Important Arts Education Resources

Brief look into AEP’s latest research on how the arts support achievement in school, bolster skills demanded of a 21st century workforce and enrich the lives of young people and communities.

Key data points every advocate needs when discussing the importance of arts education.

This guide offers three concrete actions school principals can take to increase arts education in their schools.

Tips and tools to be an effective arts education advocate.

Find out more about the challenges for arts education from the National and Michigan perspective, read about proactive and reactive advocacy, identify tips and tools to get involved, and learn habits of effective arts education advocates.
You can always get up-to-date event information at From there, you can also post your own event on our ARTSmeet Calendar, and find out what's happening from coast to coast. Follow the link to find out more about these events. 

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We printed shirts, personalized the shape and design and wore these the morning that all staff, administration, and school board met before school began. Needless to say... WE WERE NOTICED!!! and the School Board president referred to us in his opening message!!!!

Suzanne Butler Lich, MAEA/NAEA Delegate


New Advocate Cheat Sheet: PDF File
Post Date: 6/24/2010
Details: Information "How to" sheet for new advocates
Advocacy Certificate - Art Advocate Award: PDF File
Post Date: 6/24/2010
Details: Simply fill in the name once approved and present to contributor.

New Horizons

 I came across this list of links for arts. Some of the info seems pretty good and useful. Would this be something we want to share with our members?

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