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Why The Arts Belong in K-12

By Art Today’s Brain Food

Latest Research

By Arts Education Partnership

Brief look into AEP’s latest research on how the arts support achievement in school, bolster skills demanded of a 21st century workforce, and enrich the lives of young people and communities.

Facts & Figures

By Americans for the Arts

Key data points every advocate needs when discussing the importance of arts education. This guide offers three concrete actions school principals can take to increase arts education in their schools.

Arts Education Advocacy Toolkit

By Americans for the Arts

Tips and tools to be an effective arts education advocate.

Effective Michigan Arts Advocacy

By ArtServe Michigan

Find out more about the challenges for arts education from the National and Michigan perspective, read about proactive and reactive advocacy, identify tips and tools to get involved, and learn habits of effective arts education advocates.


The Art Education Journal

By National Art Education Association (NEAE)

This is the official journal of the National Art Education Association. The topics focus on art education and those with an interest in quality visual arts education. It’s a bi-monthly, full color publication that includes an instructional Resource article.


Current Award Winners


Tricia Erickson
MAEA Art Educator of the Year
Secondary Art Educator of the Year
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Donna Emerson
Elementary Level Art Educator of the Year
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Pi Benio
Distinguished Service Award
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Eugene Clark
Distinguished Service Award
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Tamara Draper
Middle Level Art Educator of the Year
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Steve Harryman
Distinguished Service Award
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Sandy Britton
Distinguished Service Award
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2018-19 Nomination Information/Forms

Program Objectives

        • To recognize excellence in the many outstanding individuals of MAEA.
        • To focus professional attention on quality art education and exemplary art educators.
        • To increase public awareness of the importance of quality art education.
        • To set standards for quality art education and show how they can be achieved.
        • To provide tangible recognition of achievement, earn respect of colleagues, and enhance professional opportunities for MAEA members.


Who May Nominate?

Art Educator of the Year Awards- Individual Members
Distinguished Service Awards - Individual Members, Business advocates, School officials, or interested persons that support and advance art education.


MAEA members who meet the established criteria. Membership is not required for the Distinguished Service award.

Award Selection

Nominations and supporting documentation are submitted to the MAEA Awards Coordinator.

MAEA Divisions

The Michigan Art Education Association is divided into seven job-alike categories called Divisions: Elementary, Secondary, Middle Level, Higher Education, Preservice, Supervision and Administration, and Museum Education. We also have a category to nominate a Retired Art Educator- Emeritus Art Educator of the Year.

Award Presentations

Awards are presented in the fall at the annual NAEA convention. Winners are announced and notified via email in August.

Press Release

Upon notification, each award recipient is asked to provide pertinent information so press releases may be sent by the national office to employers, local media, art departments, school administrators, etc.


2018-19 Nomination Forms

Teacher of the Year Nomination Form                             Teacher of the Year Nominee Checklist

Distinguished Service Nomination Form

State MAEA Award Rubric                                                       NAEA-MAEA Vita


Scholarships & Grants

MAEA Memorial Scholarship

The MAEA Memorial Art Educator SCHOLARSHIP was established as a result of many memorial contributions to the MAEA for scholarships upon the death of Ed Jacomo: outstanding Alma College art educator, recipient of the Governor's Arts Award for Education, a mentor to many and a 'true disciple' of art education.

Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs Grants
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National Art Education Association Grants & Funding

Find a variety of effective grants, program information, and funding opportunities from NAEA.

Professional Development Scholarship

This scholarship is granted annual for up to $500 to MAEA members.