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Welcome to Michigan Art Education Association!

 Our Mission... The Michigan Art Education Association's mission is to promote quality visual arts education through leadership, service, and professional development.


Spring/Summer ArTeacher 2014



On-line is closed, however all late fees on mail submissions postmarked now through Wednesday, November 5th will be waived.

Please encourage a friend, co-worker, or classmate to join us in two weeks for this thoughtful arts-rich educational experience. With many art teachers, we can share the celebration and camaraderie that makes art education unique. Take time to expand your curriculum, stay fresh on national art education currents, and reconnect with your practice. Remember the arts in your heart.


We hope to see you November 13-16!

The 2014 Conference Team

To print a Registration Form - click here

To print a Special Guest Registration Form - click here

To view a PDF of the 2014 Conference Workshops - click here



Fall Conference 2014 

Dear MAEA Membership,

2014 is a Year of Change. With many new volunteers on board, the 2014 Conference has many new faces learning the ropes. We are working hard to disseminate information to you, the art teachers of Michigan.

Currently our team is in the process of producing our publications for you. It will be complete as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience through this process of transition, and hope you will check back in soon ( to register. 

In the mean time, we recommend you:

a) Double check that your NAEA/MAEA membership is current.

b) Ask for the days off with your administration.

c) Reserve your substitute teacher for Nov. 13-16.  

d) Make your room reservations for Lansing (information is at the address above).

If you are planning on your conference budget, please know that the cost will be $165 for current and new teachers (plus hotel, workshop fees & food).  

We look forward to seeing you in Lansing this November!


The 2014 Conference Team



Get Ready for the 2014 Conference!

Some 2014 Conference Items:

1)    K-12 Ceramic Exhibition Presentation - Include photos of your students’ work in the Kids ‘n’ Clay presentation at the conference. You won’t have to bring your student work to Lansing or worry about the breakage. Send a jpeg of student work as early as possible to Darcy Schreiber at:


·     Teachers may submit up to five pieces per level. Only one per student.

·     Please don’t send more than two images for each piece.

·     All pieces should be photographed with a white background.

·     Include Title, Student Name, Grade, School, Teacher Name with the images in the same email  as the jpg photos.


2)     Do you know someone wanting to sell art & crafts at the conference? Artisans Gallery information is attached below (see Related File Downloads). The sale is during the Saturday Night Gala at the Radisson.

3)    MAEA Membership Show Info – Create a work of art to show at the conference. Drop off your artwork will be at the Lansing Center Banquet Hall 5 & 6 on Friday morning (7-9 am). More information is attached below (see Related File Downloads) for submissions. Bring your own easels, please!

4)    Please create Yarnbomb-ed items from your Regions for the Silent Auction – Bring them with you to the conference registration. Proceeds go to the scholarship fund.

5)    Garage Sale Reminder – Purge your classroom or home of unwanted teaching supplies. Bring donation items to the conference to sell (for a low cost) to people who may use them. The Garage Sale time and location corresponds with Region Meeting during lunch  at the Lansing Center on Nov. 15, 11:30pm – 12:00 pm @ Banquet 1-4.

6)    Do you have art or craft you can donate to MAEA? Would you be willing to donate items for the Silent Auction? Maureen Roslanic (Retired Division Chair) is looking for donors. Funds raised by the auction will go toward the student scholarship fund.

7)    If you would be willing to volunteer at the conference (to take tickets, etc.) contact Adrienne DeMilner (

8)    Contribute Your Photographs of the Conference! Download the App for your smart                       phone and upload pics with just a few clicks! Use the log-in and password below:

“Please help us document the amazing experiences you will have at the 2014 MAEA Conference this fall in Lansing. We are hoping to capture as much of the conference as possible through your eyes. We’ve set up a Shutterfly account and we’d love it if everyone  could take pictures throughout the conference and upload them to our Shutterfly account.“


1. Take pictures at workshops, meals, while enjoying Lansing, during conference meals, or at keynote speaker events.

2. Log in to our group Shutterfly account (you do not create a Shutterfly account):

     Password – maeaconf

3. Upload your pictures to the MAEA14 folder.

4. Enjoy the photos uploaded by other conference attendees.

Download the application for Shutterfly to your smart phone and you can upload your photos instantly!


Thank you. We look forward to seeing you in Lansing on Nov. 13-16.  



Projectors Needed! 2014 Conference

Hello Everyone!

This is Jon Gere, art teacher over at Williamston Middle School and a co-chair to Kerry Shadbolt for this year’s Michigan Art Education Association's Annual Conference here in the heart of Michigan, Lansing! We are anticipating about 650 or more teachers in attendance and are currently in the process of gathering up all supplies we can for this large conference and projectors for our presenters are a part of that list. We were wondering if anyone one might have any we could borrow/check out in November for the week of the 9th through the 16th. They will locked up each night in a storage room for safe keeping. Help like this would really be appreciated!

Anyone interested in helping us out with this can feel free to contact me at

For some information on the conference feel free to check out our website,

Thanks! This would be super helpfull!  

Jon Gere




52nd annual Michigan Youth Arts

showcases top high school talent, honors

outstanding arts educators

see Related File Downloads below



  50th Annual 1964-2014

MEA/MAEA Art Acquisitions Purchase Exhibition

click here;





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Michigan Arts Education Instructional Blueprint and Assessments to be Developed

The creation of a Model Arts Education Instruction and Assessment (MAEIA) program for Michigan has been announced with a partnership between the Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC), Data Recognition Corporation (DRC), and the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). The partners, MAC and DRC, were selected by MDE to develop these valuable resources for Michigan's elementary and secondary schools in response to needs identified by the 2012 Michigan Youth Arts Survey. The Survey gathered data from Michigan's K-12 public schools on the key components of a comprehensive arts education; results from this survey were presented to the Michigan State Board of Education at its December 2012 meeting.

 VISUAL ARTS, as defined by the National Art Education Association, include the traditional fine arts such as drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture; media arts including film, graphic communications, animation and emerging technologies; architectural, environmental and industrial arts such as urban, interior, product and landscape design; folk arts; and works of art such as ceramics, fibers, jewelry, works in wood, paper, and other materials. (revised July 2012)

ASSESSMENT GUIDES: Are you looking for more information on Common Assessment? Go to the left margin, click on Research and Knowledge, then click on Teacher Resources!

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Get Involved 

Find out what can be done to strengthen arts education in Michigan. Every child in Michigan should have equal access to a comprehensive, balanced and sequential in-school program of instruction in the arts, taught by highly qualified teachers, designed to provide students of all ages with skills and knowledge in the arts in accordance with national and state standards. Read our specific policy recommendations at Michigan Arts Education Policy Agenda.



MAEA NEW Retirees: WORD File

ATTENTION MAEA Retirees! Click here for information you need to know now! Maureen Roslanic at



MYAF Exhibit 2014: -PDF File

2014 Youth Arts Festival selections: Here is the final list of the art work that was accepted into the MYAF Visual Art Exhibit. 


52nd Annual Michigan Youth Arts: -PDF File

Michigan Youth Arts

2014 Conference Artisans Gallery: -PDF File

Information regarding the Artisans Gallery for the 2014 Conference

2014 Conference Members Show: -PDF File

 Information regarding the Members Show for the 2014 Conference

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